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Our Products

You are a device maker

You are a consumer device maker as electric socket, rice cooker, electric fan ... And now you want to make your products smarter without investing too much on the firmware, application software, web server... Let us do it for you.


You have a UHES device

If you have any device that supports the UHES protocol, then just to login to the Neon IoT Platform at the link: to access and remotely control your device


Tech Support

User guide, technical specifications...


and a few more...

Licenses and Patents

The UHES protocol, UHES TRANSPORT protocol, the UHES CONTROL protocol, the UHES GLINK protocol, the NEON IoT platform, the NEON Node Controller, the NEON Grid Controller and all their details are all pending patents and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of The LE company Ltd.


Investment and partnership

Either you are investor or IoT device maker looking for a capital investment or partnership, ... Feel free to contact us to receive our proposal.


About us

We are a group of engineers knowing each other for a long time. we love to do somethings new that could make the life more convenient.


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