Build your IoT devices with simple steps


Development of a IoT Device in a full picuture.

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Basically, in order to build a smart IoT device there are some things that you need to do:

1. Hardware design and firmware.

You need to create a hardware design for your device and develop the software (aka Firmware) running on that hardware.

2. Server Application .

Usually, you also have to build a remote central server application which your IoT devices will connect to and to help end users able to remotely control your IoT devices. If you make your device playing as a web server application (example: IP Camera,...) then you may not need a remote central server application but you also cannot create a network of IoT devices because each device runs independently.

3. Mobile Application 

Lastly, you may need to build mobile application running on mobile devices as Phone, Tablet...that allows end user easy to access and control the IoT devices.

How it takes your cost

As above mention, in order to make a IoT device. You have develop and maintain both firmware, server application, mobile application which take quite a lot of your cost. If quantity of your product is not enough large, then this is not cost-effective.

Also without the standardization, every time you want to make a new IoT product you have to redevelop the new firmware, updating the server application and the mobile application. 

With the UHES protocol you don't need to update the server application or the mobile application. The server (Neon IoT Platform) is enough smart to get your new device to work. 

The new firmware development is also very less work due to many components able to reuse.

How we solve your challenges

In order to avoid cost burden and reduce time to bring your products to the market. We will take care for the server application (2), mobile application (3) and almost the hardware and firmware (1) development for you.

What you need to do that to adapt your IoT device to our IoT platform: Neon IoT Platform which is developed to support the UHES protocol.

As long as your IoT devices are implemented to support the UHES protocol, then that IoT devices are able to work with the Neon IoT Platform. 

Depending on the kind of device we can provide free firmware for your device or to work together with you to build your device end to end.

The end users who buy your IoT devices just simply access to the Neon IoT Platform to access and manage their devices without needing to have any third party application.

Licensing and price

The UHES protocol and Neon IoT platform are licensed products of The LE company.

IoT Device (name, design, features...) are licensed products of the device maker.

Device maker needs to pay for The LE company a license fee based on quantity of UHES devices that they make. Please contact us for details.

What is UHES protocol

UHES protocol is a proprietary protocol developed by The LE company. The UHES protocol is designed as a common and unified language for IoT devices.

With the UHES protocol, all devices with different types as electric socket, rice cooker, electric fan, aircon... are able to talk to the common centralized server or talk to each other.

More details about UHES protocol, check out the documents at the Tech Support or to get a demonstration to see how the Neon IoT Platform works (PoC).

Copyright Note

Please do note that the UHES protocol is pending Vietnam and USA patent under The LE Company JSC.